Mission Support

We are currently supporting three additional pastors in their outreach/teaching ministry.


Hispanic Christian Ministry


Rev. Eric Pennings

Eric Pennings PortraitRev. Pennings is a missionary professor with the URCNA under the supervision of Covenant Reformed Church of Toronto. He serves as the International Academic Dean of MINTS International Seminary (MINTS) with responsibilities for academic standards around the world. His teaching ministry involves travel throughout Latin America. He also is Academic Dean of the English language Word & Spirit Institute of the Canadian Reformed Churches in Toronto.

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José Ramírez

Jose Jesus Ramirez PortraitJosé Ramírez was born in El Salvador and emigrated to Canada at the age of 15. In 2000, he was called to be a church planter and since then he has been working in ministry. José began work in MINTS in 2010 as the El Salvador Coordinator. Currently, José is an Associate Dean in MINTS for Central America and Cuba. He is also developing the MINTS study program in Toronto, Canada.

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Dr. Cornelius (Neal) Hegeman

Neal Hegeman PortraitRev Neal and Sandra Hegeman have been involved in international missions since 1980. They served in the Dominican Republic from 1981-1993.  Neal has been with MINTS Theological Seminary since 2000 and currently serves as Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Rev. Hegeman’s ordination credentials are with the Trinity Reformed Church (URCNA) in Cape Coral, Florida, which is his sending church.  The Hegemans have three children: Jonathan, Katrina and Melinda.

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